Johann Wilhelm Ritter Award for Innovative Skin Imaging


About the Award

The JWR Award for innovative skin imaging is given during the World Conference of the International Society for Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin ISBS. The JWR Award is sponsored by JenLab GmbH. The Scientific Committee of the World ISBS Congress nominates the candidates.



The first JWR award was presented at World ISBS conference in Lisbon 2016 to Rainer Voegeli from DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., Switzerland. The second JWR award was presented to Pegah Kharazmi from British Columbia University (Canada) in San Diego 2018. The third JWR award will be presented in Berlin in June 2020.


About JW Ritter

When he was just 24 years old, Johann Wilhelm Ritter discovered the ultraviolet radiation in 1801. Becoming increasingly in the crossfire of critical opinions, he lost his reputation as a genius of physics and electrochemistry and died aged 33 as a young poor man.